April Upgrade Successfully Completed

We are pleased to announce that our latest upgrade was successfully completed last night.

In addition to a new ‘Feedback Module’, there were a number of new features, enhancements and refinements made to a number of modules in the system.

As with every upgrade, we recommend that clients clear their cache to ensure they get the most current version of ICE.

Here’s what was included:


  • Age has now been standardized throughout system.  Age always shows years and months up to 18 years. For ages over 18, age is displayed in years only.
  • Pending Patient list now refreshes every 5 minutes. Previously, we only checked when the screen was loaded.
  • We have updated the Patient Creation process.  Patient Creation has been moved to inside Patient Search.  To create a new patient, go to the Patient Search in the top right, and begin to type who you are looking for.  You will be given options meeting your search results as well as a “Create New Patient” link. We are doing this in an attempt to prevent the accidental creation of duplicate patients, and identifying a consistent creation location.
  • Dashboards and Lighting System can now be reviewed from an iPad or other mobile device.


  • Major Improvements have been made to the Appointment screen.  We have integrated the Short Call List, Appointments, and Unscheduled Appointments.  More patient information is also available from Appointment screen.
  • We are now tracking the activity within an appointment, such as Status changes and rescheduling to different date or time.
  • The active Grid Date  is now displayed on top of the schedule.


  • We have added PNG as an acceptable file upload format.
  • We have removed the Render Previews checkbox. The feature no longer served value.
  • We have improved the concurrent access of a Patient’s Imaging section.


  • Treatment Plan rows can now be ordered.


  • We now identify if the last payment of a recurring payment is different than all other recurring payment amounts.


  • Void Recurring Statement of Work after it has been created**
  • Void Regular Invoices after they are locked **
  • Create advanced payment plans with a custom billing schedule.
  • Amend recurring payment plans by invoice, adjustment or payment.
  • Auto apply Downpayments and Patient Credits to manual generated invoices and invoices from adjustments.
  • Auto create invoices from completed procedures in Financials and Dashboard.
  • Record an invoice payment without selecting invoices in Financials and Dashboard.
  • Added clinic location to invoice payment window
  • Ability to export ledger as CSV
  • New practice customizable invoice layout for invoices from a Recurring Statement of Work
  • New practice customizable printable ledger.
  • New practice customizable received and refunded down payment.
  • New practice customizable available patient credit and refunded patient credit.
  • Create invoice payment receipt.
  • Interface improvements to Patient Credit and Down Payment Managers
  • Additional Ledger Setting to ignore received down payments
  • Financials Tab automatically refreshes when Financial data is updated from other components in ICE.

** Voiding invoices cannot happen when:
1) Invoices are part of a bulk payment
2) An invoice was created from an adjustment

Practice Areas:

  • Create and automate bulk printing and emailing of Patient Invoices.
  • Create and automate bulk printing and emailing of Patient Statements.
  • Create and automate bulk printing of ADA Forms.
  • Group process adjustments against multiple invoices.
  • Group process a single payment with adjustments over multiple invoices.
  • Group process multiple payments with adjustments over multiple invoices.
  • Link attachments to invoices tied to a group payment.
  • Save the Allocation of a “Group Process” to be loaded and processed at a later time.
  • New Report – Voided Financial Records
  • New Report – Billed Procedures in Financials
  • Further integration with Operator Day Sheet and Patient Financials. You can now double click on the patients name in the Operator Day Sheet and have their financial record load in a new tab.


  • You can now attach older (not just the most recent) versions of Images and Image Templates.


  • We have added Reporting Admin security to Reporting section.  Access can now be restricted.
  • You can now type in a specific date (properly formatted) into Date Searches if you choose.
  • You can now run reports on the Clipboard.
  • Appointment Reminder Report has been updated to remove “false failing” records.

Feedback (New Module):

  • We have added a Feedback Feature from the top Menu.  Use this to let us know about issues, suggestions, bugs, or ideas you have.  You can do this without leaving the page to streamline the process for you.


  • You can now create Invoices for Completed Procedures from the Dashboard.
  • You can now enter a Payment from the Dashboard.
  • In the Recall and Notes section, we are now showing Completed Recalls.
  • Tabs can now be closed.


  • Provider Management inside Scheduling has been moved from “Scheduling Config” to “Practice Config”.
  • Resource Management inside Scheduling has been moved from “Scheduling Config” to “Practice Config”.

Issues of Note:

  • In Firefox, Adobe Flash has introduced a bug in Flash Version 11.6 that is preventing Letters from being opened.  If this impacts you, we have the following recommendations:
    • Use Google Chrome.  This is the browser that we are now recommending as the best browser to use for ICE.  Alternatively, you could use Internet Explorer.
    • Avoid updating Adobe Flash to version 11.6 if possible.  The bug has been fixed and will be resolved in Flash Version 11.7, but it has not yet been released to the public.
  • In Chrome, there were previous issues with something called “PepperFlash”.  These have been resolved by Google, and no longer negatively impact the use of ICE.


On behalf of the ICE Team, we want to thank all of our clients for their continued support of ICE. A number of the items listed were included as a result of ideas and suggestions from you or your peers. As always, we encourage current and prospective clients to take intellectual ownership of ICE to help make it a truly unique and next generation system.

If you have any questions regarding any of the items included in this upgrade, require training on any of the items or require any additional assistance, please email clientcare@icehealthsystems.com.

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