ICE Health Systems Release Summary 36.0

We are pleased to announce the release of ICE 36.0.

ICE is a health record system designed to serve the numerous and varied needs across the spectrum of the health profession. Educational institutions, private practices, healthcare organizations, researchers and patients benefit from this system that:

  • is highly interoperable
  • is truly cloud-based
  • is extensive in functionality
  • has data security carefully attended to and verified through external security reviews
  • is able to provide data migration and warehousing services.

We are grateful to the members of the Collaboration for Health IT as well as the many private clinicians and staff who have and continue to lead this project with ICE Health Systems. Our goal is to serve the world of healthcare with excellence through a system that is built for the needs of today and tomorrow. This release is the next step in achieving our collective goal.

New Features

    • Alpha Components
        • An alpha component is a component that is available in non-production environments.  Alpha components may or may not become production components, and alpha component-related data may be wiped at any time. Alpha components are often exposed only to partners who are involved in conversations related to the alpha component.
    • Electronic Insurance Claim Submissions (E-Submissions)
      • Third party integration with Change Health for electronic submissions of insurance claims.
      • Submission of multiple primary and non-primary insurance claims in an insurance batch, including:
        • Corrective Insurance Claims
        • Initial Orthodontics Insurance Claims
        • Insurance Claims with Accident Information
        • Insurance Claims with a Claim Reason Code
        • Insurance Claims with a NEA reference number
        • Insurance Claims with Multiple Billing Providers at the clinic and clinic group level
        • Insurance Claims with Remarks
        • Insurance Claims with secondary insurance attached
        • Insurance Claims with treatments over $1000
        • Subsequent Orthodontics Insurance Claims
        • Various Non-orthodontic insurance claims (extractions, bridge, scaling and root planing, etc) for commercial policies
        • Various Non-orthodontic insurance claims  (extractions, bridge, scaling and root planing, etc) for Medicaid
      • For each submission, the following files are linked to the insurance batch:
        • 837D X12 Insurance Batch
        • EDI Flat File Format of the Insurance Batch
        • Single PDF as a collection of ADA Forms
      • Each patient receives a copy of the claim on their patient record.
      • In Practice Settings, users can manage the Configuration Settings for Insurance Claim Submissions with Change Health.
  • Reporting
    • In the Document Submission report, the title is now a list of documents in the system. One document title may be searched at a time.
    • The ability to query on dental policy subscriber and dental insurance payer information has been added in the current reports where insurance information is available.
      • The following Search Fields have been added to the reports of Scheduling, Individual, Reason for Treatment, Audit Logs, Document Submissions and Procedure List Reports:
        • Insurance Policy Subscriber information:
          • Subscriber ID
          • Payer Type
          • Relationship
          • Effective Date
          • End Date
        • Insurance Payer information:
          • Address Name
          • Address Abbreviation
          • Timely Filing
          • Medicaid Carrier ID
          • Makes Claim on Ortho Charge
          • Supports Electronic Submissions


  • Mail Merge 
    • In the Mail Merge Panel, you will now see when a Mail Merge request is in process by any user.


    • Adhoc Statement
      • Fixed an issue where the payment plan schedule was missing in the Adhoc Statement.
    • Financials
      • Fixed an issue that after adding Charge transfers, a user could not make a full payment.
      • Fixed an issue where the aging bucket was not updating correctly after adding a transfer from insurance to the patient and then making a full payment.
    • Insurance
      • When adding a payer to the policy split, the payer address name will now appear before the group number.
    • Mail Merge
      • If a report returns Individuals that are not Patients, Mail Merge will filter out the non-Patient records when exporting those results.
    • Orthodontic Charting
      • Canceling an Orthodontic Treatment Plan now takes into account all charges.
      • Fixed an issue of procedure records not appearing when an Orthodontic Treatment Plan is edited after previous versions were archived.
      • Fixed an issue related to adding Orthodontic Procedure List records.
    • Practice Activity
      • Fixed an issue where changes to demographic custom fields of type Select were not updating properly in the Practice Activity Panel.
      • Practice Settings
        • Fixed an issue of setting a fee for a custom CPT code.
        • Fixed an issue so that custom CPT codes are properly mapped to a regular CPT code.
        • Fixed issues related to procedure code rules implementation in code macros.
    • Validation
      • Fixed issues related to mobile validation loading of entries and missing the date heading.

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