ICE Health Systems Release Summary 37.0

We are pleased to announce the release of ICE 37.0.

ICE is a health record system designed to serve the numerous and varied needs across the spectrum of the health profession. Educational institutions, private practices, healthcare organizations, researchers and patients benefit from this system that:

  • is highly interoperable
  • is truly cloud-based
  • is extensive in functionality
  • has data security carefully attended to and verified through external security reviews
  • is able to provide data migration and warehousing services.

We are grateful to the members of the Collaboration for Health IT as well as the many private clinicians and staff who have and continue to lead this project with ICE Health Systems. Our goal is to serve the world of healthcare with excellence through a system that is built for the needs of today and tomorrow. This release is the next step in achieving our collective goal.

New Features

  • Data Import/Export
    • Ability to export CDT code set and import/export requirements of Treatment Consent, Informed Consent, and Diagnostic Finding.
    • Ability to export SNO DDS code set.
    • Patient Accident List
    • Validation Groups


  • Data Import/Export 
    • Code import process has been improved by setting the code category as optional and set by default.
  • Treatment Planning
    • Ability to expand and collapse each treatment phase.
    • Ability to filter the treatment plan to findings (conditions), procedures, last modified, treatment/observed date and/or site (area).
    • Ability to quickly update treatment by a single click which brings up a simplified popover that allows a user to continue to see the plan. The detailed treatment input window is still available from the advanced button in the popover. An upcoming release will include similar functionality to edit diagnostic findings.
    • Filters on the General Procedure List, Odontogram and Treatment Planning Panels are now independent of one another.
    • Filters on the above 3 panels allow the user to specify a date range for last modified and treatment/observed dates.
    • Scrolling on the plan horizontally allows the details to always be visible.
    • Styles and colours are modified to make details easier to read.
    • When adding a treatment directly to a finding, the surfaces are now automatically selected to those defined in the finding.


  • Practice Settings
    • Fixed issues in the display of the Code Exclusions table.
  • Scheduling
    • From the Appointment Summary screen, you can now click on the patient’s name to access the patient’s record directly.

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