ICE Health Systems Release Summary 38.0

We are pleased to announce the release of ICE 38.0.

ICE is a health record system designed to serve the numerous and varied needs across the spectrum of the health profession. Educational institutions, private practices, healthcare organizations, researchers and patients benefit from this system that:

  • is highly interoperable
  • is truly cloud-based
  • is extensive in functionality
  • has data security carefully attended to and verified through external security reviews
  • is able to provide data migration and warehousing services.

We are grateful to the members of the Collaboration for Health IT as well as the many private clinicians and staff who have and continue to lead this project with ICE Health Systems. Our goal is to serve the world of healthcare with excellence through a system that is built for the needs of today and tomorrow. This release is the next step in achieving our collective goal.

New Features

  • Reporting
    • Ability to query on Audit Events in more detail has been added in the current report of Audit Logs.
      • The following Search Fields have been added:
        • Causing Individual
        • Audit Session ID
        • Workstation Name
        • UserAgent
        • IP Address
      • The following Option columns have been added:
        • IP Address
        • Audit Session ID
        • UserAgent
        • Workstation Name
    • Ability to query on dental insurance coverage countdown information has been added in the current reports of Scheduling, Individual and Procedure List Reports. The following Search Fields have been added:
      • Ortho Coverage Available
      • Non Ortho Coverage Available
      • Ortho Coverage Deductible
      • Non Ortho Coverage Deductible
      • CoPay
      • User Override
      • Last Updated Date
    • Ability to run various reports based on document questions and their corresponding answers (more than one – a combination of question/answer).
      • In the Document Submission report, there is a “New Question” button below the “Submitted On” field. This button is disabled unless a document title is selected.
      • Users can search in the “Questions Filter” text box to easily locate the question of interest or can navigate by expanding the sections of the Document Template.
      • Depending on the question type, the answers will either be listed directly (e.g. Select Any question) or is a text search (e.g. User Input).
      • The following question types are supported as a Search Field in “Document Question”:
        • Select Any
        • Select One
        • Drop-Down
        • Date
        • Medication Search
        • User Input


  • Data Import/Export 
    • Data migration framework improvements.
    • Added the following fields to the Audit Event export: event type, workstation name, and IP address.
  • Practice Settings
    • Special characters are now supported in the Custom Code descriptions and code name.
  • Reporting
    • All custom fields are available in report search fields and options.
    • Audit Log provides a list of Event types that have user-friendly names.
    • Audit Log provides ability to report on more than one Event Type at a time.
    • Audit Log provides ability to search on Event Times within a range.
    • Audit log tracks IP Address, Workstation ID, and UserAgent for each audit event.


  • Data Import/Export
    • Fixed issue related to phone numbers, emails & addresses, where the “isPrimary” was being set to true if no primary exists on front-end.
  • Insurance
    • Fixed insurance search field issues.
    • Fixed issue where a new employee could not be added to the policy after first canceling out of the first employee creation.
    • When a large insurance batch claims fails, the batch will now be reset to open, and users could submit a smaller set of claims.
  • Orthodontic Charting
    • Fixed an issue entering Orthodontic Procedures.
  • Practice Settings
    • Clinic and Clinic Group is now using Mailing address instead of Billing address for Treating Dentist.
    • Fixed issue of not being able to rename Financial Account buttons.
  • Provider Management
    • Clarified error message for Billing Dentist validation that a work phone number is required.
    • Fixed display of referring status history for Medicaid and Medicare providers.
  • Telehealth
    • Removed HTML tags in Telehealth windows and panels.
  • Treatment Planning
    • When adding diagnostic findings, a user is no longer able to see and select inactive treatment phases.

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