ICE Health Systems Release Summary 39.0

We are pleased to announce the release of ICE .39.0

We are grateful to the members of the Collaboration for Health IT as well as the many private clinicians and staff who have and continue to lead this project with ICE Health Systems. Our goal is to serve the world of healthcare with excellence through a system that is built for the needs of today and tomorrow. This release is the next step in achieving our collective goal.

New Features

  • Data Import/Export
    • Auto-Assignment of Content
    • Code Macros
    • Code Range Exclusions
    • Patient Referrals
  • Treatment Planning
    • Create Treatment Consent is now available as an option from the Treatment Planning Panel Toolbar.
      • Users can then: 1) Select all treatment in the Option column, 2) Select All by Treatment Phase, 3) Select individual treatments throughout the plan.
      • Selecting the “Create Treatment Consent” button will bring up document templates of system type “Treatment Consent”.
      • Consent document can be completed, submitted and will appear in the Patient Documents.  The treatments have been linked to this consent document.
      • Once the consent document is in the Approved status, then the status of all “Proposed” treatments will automatically change to “Planned”. If an alternate “Proposed” treatment exists in other treatment options, automatically set those treatments to declined. Treatments (in any option) that are in any other status will remain unchanged.
      • In upcoming releases, the following will be addressed:
        • Consented treatments will be available to include in the consent document.
        • The linked consent document will be available to view from the Treatment Planning Panel.
        • Icons related to consents being required on treatments (as defined by code set rules) will be implemented.
      • Although the icons are not implemented in this release to show which treatments require consent, the backend work has been completed to check the rules surrounding requiring consent to a change in treatment (e.g. different code). If surfaces are changed, then no consent would be required again.
    • If a treatment does not require a diagnostic finding (as defined in CDT & custom code sets) and does not have one, then a green plus icon will appear on the procedure in Treatment Planning. Clicking the icon will bring up the finding input.
    • If a treatment requires a diagnostic finding (as defined in CDT & custom code sets) but does not have one, then a red plus icon will appear on the procedure in Treatment Planning. Clicking the icon will bring up the finding input.
    • When a diagnostic finding is charted on a tooth, then treatment added to that finding must have a matching site or use an area (or no area, e.g. Prophylaxis).  Similarly, a finding added to a procedure on a single site must be charted on the same tooth or to an area.


  • Treatment Planning 
    • Ability to add a finding directly to a treatment that is not already linked to a diagnostic finding. After clicking the plus icon from the treatment, the area (site) and surface will automatically be populated. If a user chooses to add additional sites for the finding of interest, then those will populate into the same phase, but are not linked to the procedure.
    • Ability to filter Treatment Planning Panel, General Procedure List or Odontogram to treatments that do not require an area (e.g. Prophylaxis).
    • Ability to quickly update a diagnostic finding by a single click which brings up a simplified popover that allows a user to continue to see the plan. The detailed diagnostic finding input window is still available from the advanced button in the popover.
    • When editing a finding, the user cannot change from a diagnostic to a material finding and vice versa.


  • Collaborations
    • Fixed issue where the create collaboration dialog was showing a Due Date field, which is only intended for use with a Task.
  • Data Import/Export
    • Fixed the issue of failing exports of Document Template Folders.
  • General
    • Fixed issue where certain characters did not display properly in-patient names.
    • Removed HTML tags in various areas throughout ICE.
  • Practice Settings
    • Code Range Exclusions now require a title.
    • Code Sets (from Edit window) were showing the CDT code set name in the column “Code Category” rather than the code category. This has been resolved.
    • Fixed the issue in auto-assignment of content to a patient creation when gender was selected as a condition.
    • Fixed the issue in Financial Automated Tasks where an error appeared if trying to save a frequency of ‘End of Month’.
    • When a clinic is set to inactive and saved, an error “Clinic already exists” appears and prevents this action from occurring.  This has been resolved.
  • Search
    • When searching by All Names in Advanced Search, the patient/provider was appearing twice. Similarly in Referrals, referring and receiving providers were showing in duplicate. These issues have been resolved.
  • Treatment Planning
    • Fixed the issue where the proposed status button was still available in a treatment that had already been moved to another status (e.g. you are not allowed to move a treatment ‘back’ to the proposed status).
    • Fixed the issue where the tooth/area could not be selected after selecting a treatment or a finding.
    • When treatment is accepted (moved to Planned from Proposed), then the only treatment that should be automatically declined is any treatment attached to the same finding. There was an issue where other proposed treatment was being automatically declined. This has been resolved.

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