ICE Health Systems Release Summary 41.0

We are pleased to announce the release of ICE 41.0.

We are grateful to the members of the Collaboration for Health IT as well as the many private clinicians and staff who have and continue to lead this project with ICE Health Systems. Our goal is to serve the world of healthcare with excellence through a system that is built for the needs of today and tomorrow. This release is the next step in achieving our collective goal.

New Features

  • Treatment Planning
    • Create Informed Consent is now available as an option from the Treatment Planning Panel Toolbar.
      • Informed Consent follows the same steps of as those defined for Treatment Consents released in 39.0.
    • Icons related to consents being required on treatments (as defined by code set rules) have been implemented and will always appear on the far right of the icon list on treatments.
      • An orange silhouette is displayed if the treatment requires a treatment consent and one is not completed.
      • A red silhouette is displayed if the treatment requires an informed consent and one is not completed.
      • A half orange, half red silhouette is displayed if the treatment requires an informed consent and treatment consent and neither are completed.
    • For a treatment, the Treatment and/or Informed Consent documents (draft or submitted/approved) are available to view from the Treatment Planning Panel by clicking on the consent icon.
    • In cases where there are additional options for treatment under one finding, then users are only able to select one of those procedures when creating a treatment consent.


  • Data Import/Export
    • Settings for Custom Procedure Codes.
    • Addressed the slow performance of fee schedule import/exports for standard code sets. Note that a future release will address an issue related to the import of Custom Procedure Codes.
  • Treatment Planning¬†
    • The codes for diagnostic findings (primary or secondary, e.g. SNODDS and ICD-10) are no longer displayed in the Treatment Planning Panel.¬† These codes are displayed in the General Procedure List.¬† Note that when adding or editing (advanced) diagnostic findings, you can search by code and also view the ICD-10 code in hover text from the search results.
    • Diagnostic findings no longer require a tooth or area selection.


  • Collaborations
    • Fixed issue where recipient saw one extra participant counted in the summary (e.g. only 2 participants, but recipient sees a count of 3).
  • Documents
    • Fixed issue where Document Summaries were not being displayed.
  • Health Facts
    • Fixed issue where health classification changes on a patient record were not saving.
  • Patient Management
    • Fixed issue where data entered during new patient creation was cleared due to an error in creation.
  • Practice Settings
    • Fixed issues when dragging a document template from one folder to another and also inserting templates into folder.
    • Fixed issue in Code Exclusions to filter the available codes to the code set selected.
  • Progress Notes
    • Fixed issue where progress notes were still appearing in the panel after being discarded.
    • Fixed issue where Progress Note Summaries were not being displayed.
  • Scheduling
    • Fixed issue where clinic hours were set, then an appointment scheduled within those hours, but user received an error about the appointment being out of hours.
    • Fixed issue where appointment creation and status updates were not appearing in the schedule grid to other users.
    • Fixed issue where appointment created by another user appeared with “Unknown” patient name.
  • Telehealth
    • Fixed an issue related to Provider and Patient Telehealth Panels.
  • Treatment Planning
    • Finding is now automatically set to Treated only when all the treatments attached to it are Completed.
    • Fixed issue where the simplified edit popovers for Findings & Procedures were not showing the status hover tooltip.
    • Fixed issue where Select All for phase was showing when there are no procedures visible when creating a consent.

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