ICE Health Systems Release Summary 51.0

We are pleased to announce the release of ICE 51.0.

We are grateful to the members of the Collaboration for Health IT as well as the many private clinicians and staff who have and continue to lead this project with ICE Health Systems. Our goal is to serve the world of healthcare with excellence through a system that is built for the needs of today and tomorrow. This release is the next step in achieving our collective goal.

Thank you.


  • Scheduling & Treatment Planning
    • Ability to tie Treatments to Appointments:
      • Treatments in the Treatment Planning Panel can now be dragged to the Next Visits Panel onto existing appointments (Scheduled or Unscheduled). Providers must have both Charting and Scheduling permissions in order to link treatments to appointments.
      • An appointment can also be created from the Treatment Planning Panel by selecting “Create Appointment” from the Panel Toolbar menu.
      • Treatments can be tied to multiple appointments.
      • On the Appointment Summary screen, the Treatments are listed below Providers/Resources. Clicking on the treatment description or site/surface will open the simple procedure edit screen and changes can be made in the same manner as from the Treatment Planning Panel.
      • On the Edit Appointment screen, there is a tab called Treatments that lists all procedures tied to the appointment. Procedures can be removed from the appointment from this tab.
      • Clicking on the consolidated popover icon on a treatment will indicate if there is a scheduled appointment tied to this procedure. This icon is present in both the Treatment Planning Panel and the General Procedure List. If multiple appointments are linked to a single treatment, then only the next appointment will be displayed.
      • More functionality related to treatments tied to appointments will be coming in future releases.


  • Patient/Provider/Individual Management
    • When entering an address for an individual the order is now city, state and zip code.
  • Referrals
    • Once a Referral has been “Sent”, the “Referring Provider” becomes read-only. If an error has been made, the referral can be Archived and a new referral created.
    • Ability to upload a new file or attach an existing file to a referral.
      • Link Existing Attachments will open a list of existing files for that Patient.
      • Add New Attachment opens up the File Upload window. Once a file has been uploaded via the Referrals Panel, it will automatically be part of the Patient Files (for example, if a New Attachment is uploaded but the Referral is not Saved, the file will still exist on Patient Files).
  • Scheduling
    • Schedule views are now listed in alphabetical order from the selector on the Scheduling Grid.
    • Clinic name has been added to the tables in Patient Management – Scheduling.
  • Treatment Planning
    • When picking a document template to create new Informed or Treatment Consent, the folders are now expanded by default.
    • Options from the Treatment Planning Panel Menu have been reordered as follows:
      • Create Treatment Consent, Create Informed Consent, Create Appointment, then a separator line before the Show/Hide buttons.


  • Collaborations
    • The filtering functionality in the column headers of the Collaborations Panel will now search the entire string of text entered.
  • Dashboards
    • Fixed issue of the “Copy Existing” setting not saving after sharing a view.
  • Data Import/Export
    • Attempts were made to address the issue of not all files processed during Patient Files and Images import.
      • Note: With this release, there is a known issue where the download of the exported zip file for Patient Files Export is failing. We expect to address this in an upcoming release.
    • Fixed issue where the import of Patient Periodontal Chart was not processing all files.
    • Fixed issue when during import multiple JSON types were not being loaded properly.
    • Fixed issue when using “Clear Form” on the Import Data page and getting a failed uploaded file when trying again.
  • Documents & Document Templates
    • There is now a cancel option when completing a document with data hook individuals.
    • Fixed an issue of multiple pop-ups opening when using the keyboard to enter in “Add Ranges” to a Score Range on a Grading or Assessment Template.
  • Files
    • Fixed an issue of an additional Edit File Details pop-up appearing when scanning.
  • General Charting
    • Filtering by selecting the site or area links from either the General Procedure List or the Odontogram is now functional.
  • Insurance
    • Fixed issue of being unable to scroll to the bottom of the Employer List when creating a new Policy.
  • Login Page
    • Fixed an issue related to the login page, by improving the handling of non-ascii characters.
  • Referrals
    • The Referrals Item Note column is now the first column in the Referrals panel.
  • Scheduling
    • Fixed issue where the description of an availability template could not be updated.
    • Fixed the issue of being unable to access the buttons to Create New Patient, Individual or Ext. Provider from a list of search results from top right search.
  • User Experience
    • Fixed issue where a search result list stays in the same location after the pop-up window is moved elsewhere (e.g. when searching for treating/findings to add to Treatment Plan or when searching for providers to add to an appointment).

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