ICE Health Systems Release Summary 54.0

We are pleased to announce the release of ICE 54.0.


  • Insurance
    • Diagnostic pointers are properly tracked with insurance claims.
    • Diagnostic pointers are printed on a paper claim and appear in the preview of an electronic claim.
    • Validation rules were added to verify if an ICD10 code is required from an Insurance Policy.
    • When creating a claim manually, the diagnostic pointers override is being managed accurately.
    • When reviewing electronic dental claims, the diagnostic pointers override is being managed accurately.
  • Reporting
    • Ability to query in more detail on appointments for the Report Appointment List.
    • The following Search Fields have been added:
      • Cancellation Comments
      • Cancellation Reasons
      • Appointment Comments
      • Appointment Create Date
      • Appointment is Unscheduled
      • Appointment Priority
      • Appointment Provider Type
      • Appointment Resource Type
      • Appointment is Strike
    • The following Option Columns have been added:
      • Cancellation Reason
      • Appointment is Unscheduled
      • Appointment is Strike
      • Appointment Provider Types
      • Appointment Resource Types
      • Appointment Cancellation Comments
      • Appointment Create Date
    • Additional Group By Options for Chart or Aggregate Results are now available:
      • Appointment Date
      • Individual ID


  • Financials
    • Addressed various small issues throughout Financials.
    • Fixed an issue of multiple charge adjustments resulting in an error message when the charges are from different clinic groups.
    • Fixed an issue so that the AdHoc Statement is now properly displaying when payments are allocated to a charge outside the start date of the statement.
    • Fixed an issue where procedures were appearing in the grid for withdrawn or expired Predeterminations or Preauthorizations.
    • Fixed the issue of the Patient payment screen not loading when switching between simple and detailed views.
    • From the Electronic Batch screen, the area column now sorts properly.
    • The AdHoc statement will now show a line item for unallocated payment, if a part or all of the payment remains unallocated.
  • Insurance
    • Any remarks or NEA reference number added to an electronic pre-claim, are now appearing on the printed copy of the electronic claim.
  • Reporting
    • All charts are now available in full colour.
    • On the Document Submission Chart Report, scores are now sorting properly.

We are grateful to the members of the Collaboration for Health IT as well as the many private clinicians and staff who have and continue to lead this project with ICE Health Systems. Our goal is to serve the world of healthcare with excellence through a system that is built for the needs of today and tomorrow. This release is the next step in achieving our collective goal.

Thank you.

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