ICE Health Systems Release Summary 56.0

We are pleased to announce the release of ICE 56.0.


  • E-Submissions
    • Successful certification of Electronic Insurance Claim Submissions with Change Health.
    • Ability to submit and process dental insurance claims using diagnostic pointers.
    • Ability to reference to Prior Authorization on electronic dental insurance claims.
    • Ability to reference to Predetermination on electronic dental insurance claims.
  • Financials
    • Ability to provide estimates for CPT Codes (Medical).


  • Financials
    • When an AdHoc Statement has been created, it will now automatically be displayed.
    • User interface improvements when adding multiple charge adjustments.
  • Reporting
    • Updated the Patient Accounts Receivable Report to use Reconciled Values.


  • E-Submissions
    • Fixed the issue where the From/To dates for EDI Dental Batch Claims were not working properly.
  • Financials
    • Fixed an issue where incorrect Remaining Amount shown in the schedule summary grid on Payment plan tab.
  • Insurance
    • Fixed the issue of incorrectly getting an Unsaved Changes Popup after adding Payer Note.
  • Reporting
    • Ability to report on Preferred Language, Race and Ethnicity of patients, providers and individuals.
    • From Individual List and Procedure List Report, the ‘Code Category’ no longer will show Custom Code categories in the list as they were simply duplicated. To report on Custom Code, users can search for the code and/or on the Custom Code Set.

We are grateful to the members of the Collaboration for Health IT as well as the many private clinicians and staff who have and continue to lead this project with ICE Health Systems. Our goal is to serve the world of healthcare with excellence through a system that is built for the needs of today and tomorrow. This release is the next step in achieving our collective goal.

Thank you.

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