ICE Health Systems Release Summary 69.0

We are pleased to announce the release of ICE 69.0.


  • Collaboration Sharing Center
  • Data Import/Export
    • Practice branding logo
  • Odontogram/Dentition
    • The functions and visuals of the odontogram and dentition have been improved and reworked into the new framework with this release. These improvements increase the efficiency and reduce the complexity of making the most common changes to a patient’s dentition. New features include: 
      • Ability to enter an Edit Mode for the dentition from the Odontogram or Findings Panel, from the icon in the lower right corner. 
        • Selecting multiple teeth by holding the Shift or Command (macOS) / Control (Windows) buttons. 
        • Setting a tooth (or teeth) as Missing. 
    • Existing functionality from “Manage Dentition” button is available in this new Edit Mode, e.g. Add Teeth, Add Supernumerary, Drag/Drop teeth within quadrants, etc.
  • Provider Management
    • Hindi has been added as a language option from Provider Profile – Account – Localization, which affects the Menu headings.
  • Release Center
    • What’s New screen will display upon first log in after ICE has been updated to a new release.  It will display the relevant Release Summary from the Release Center.
  • Telehealth
    • Ability for a single participant to share multiple camera feeds.


  • Collaborations
    • The layout of the “Create New Collaboration” window has been updated to streamline the workflow.
  • Data Import/Export
    • Updated import and export of procedures to include additional providers.
  • Documents & Document Templates
    • Ability to use first name and last name as separate Data Hooks.
    • Help text has been added to the Document Assignment screen.
    • List of available question types are now alphabetized when configuring document templates.
  • Financials
    • A count for number of procedures that can be added to a claim has been included on the button “Submit Claim to Queue” (similar to Predetermination/Prior Authorization).
  • Health Facts
    • Ability to enter multiple health facts from the same entry window.
  • ICE Help
    • The Knowledge Base panel from the Provider Dashboard is now available from the following areas: 
      • Practice > Dashboard 
      • Patient > Dashboard 
      • Patient > Charting > General 
      • Patient > Charting > Periodontal 
      • Patient > Charting > Orthodontic
  • Item Notes
    • From screens or panels that include a notes column, there is now hover text “Add item note” or “View X item notes”, with X being the total number of item notes. The financials area will have the count of item notes appear in the next release.
  • Odontogram
    • A red asterisk will appear for diagnostic findings charted on a tooth (no surfaces selected) that do not have a specialized visual available.
  • Practice Settings
    • A column for “Name Type Used” has been added to the Name Display Formats table.
  • Progress Notes
    • Ability to create notes from the panel toolbar.
  • Reporting
    • All date fields across all search types now have the same comparison options.
    • Note: When dates are selected in search fields of new and existing report templates, they are not appearing when a saved template is opened.  The report does run correctly as the date selection is saved just not displayed. This known issue will be addressed in an upcoming release. 
  • Scheduling
    • Arrow icons have been added to the Clipboard and Legend to indicate when they are collapsed or expanded.
  • Treatment Planning
    • When adding additional providers to a procedure using advanced search, the individual type is now automatically set to “Provider”.
  • User Experience
    • Small improvements have been implemented throughout the system.
  • Validation
    • Older validation records are now appearing in the validation panels.


  • Collaborations
    • Fixed the issue of the Collaborations and Task Panels not being updated with new collaborations.
    • When clicking on a direct link to a collaboration, the user is now taken directly to the specific collaboration after logging in.
  • Dashboards
    • A report panel displaying an interactive list now shows the total number of pages.
    • Fixed issue where a shared panel view was not shown automatically even after the user was notified. 
    • Fixed issue where deleted panel views were appearing as available for use when copying a view.
  • Document Templates
    • Data hook individuals are now properly tracked for each document template and accessible in reports.
  • Financials
    • Top patient balance is now updated immediately after a payment is made from the charge detail screen.
  • Individual Management
    • Fixed the issue where individual’s or external provider’s workspace would not load.
  • Mail Merge
    • Fixed intermittent issue of the PDF link not appearing after an EDI statement mail merge is complete.
  • Orthodontic Charting
    • Future pause and resumption dates are now saved in the treatment plan summary.
    • Orthodontic treatment plan can now be edited and saved without entering a start date.
  • Patient Management
    • Fixed an issue during patient creation where an invalid birth date was accepted and automatically completed.
    • Fixed issues when editing the primary phone number for Patients, Clinics, etc.
    • Inactive patients no longer appear in the standard search areas: Relationships & Patient Management > Financials > Guarantor.
    • The help text available from Patient Management > Account has been updated to accurately reflect this area.
  • Practice Settings
    • Fixed issues in display of Validation entries when a Provider’s Dental Notation is empty. Now the Practice Dental Notation is used.
    • Search settings have been updated with the option “Between” removed as this was not usable and throwing errors when searching.
  • Reporting
    • Audit Log Report is now providing results for searches based on insurance fields.
    • Audit log results ordered by “Event Date/Time” are now based on actual date/time and not the alphabetical reference.
    • Fixed the issue of being unable to remove providers from the report template sharing list.
  • Scheduling
    • Fixed issues where filtering clipboard by Priority or Short Call List were not showing full results.
  • System
    • Removed automatic formatting from all date picker fields. Dates entered are validated against the practice date format setting and ensure the year is greater than 1900.
  • Telehealth
    • Added ability to remove oneself from a telehealth session invite.
    • Fixed the issue where disabling mute on a floating video panel caused the session to be inactive.
    • When clicking on a direct link to a telehealth session, the user is now taken directly to the specific telehealth session after logging in.

QA Testing

The Quality Assurance Team tested the following browser and OS configurations using the testing types listed below:

  • Google Chrome 74.0 (Mac OS Sierra & Windows) and Google Chromium 75.0 (Windows 10)
  • Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Cross Platform Testing, Usability Testing, End to End Testing, User Interface Testing, Regression (Manual and Automated) Testing, Re-Testing and Sanity Testing.

Learn more

Visit the ICE Knowledge Base and the Collaboration Sharing Center to streamline your experience using ICE.  These sites are routinely updated with new or revised articles, videos, and structured content. To see previous release summaries and the latest project highlights, visit the Release Center.

Thank you

We are grateful to the members of the Collaboration for Health IT as well as the many private clinicians and staff who have and continue to lead this project with ICE Health Systems. Our goal is to serve the world of healthcare with excellence through a system that is built for the needs of today and tomorrow. This release is the next step in achieving our collective goal.

Thank you.

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