ICE Health Systems Release Summary 72.0

We are pleased to announce the release of ICE 72.0.


  • Data Import/Export
    • Clinic Group Settings and Clinic Settings
    • Feedback Submissions (as part of the Collaborations export)
    • Patient Health Facts
  • Financial Practice Settings
    • The Financial pages in Practice Settings have been moved into the more robust framework which results in better performance and ease of use when configuring the ICE Financial system.
  • Translations
    • The following areas are now displaying information in Spanish, when providers have set their account localization language to Spanish: 
      • Demographics for Patient, Provider, Individual, and External Provider
      • Provider > Collaborations, Collaborations Panel (Provider & Patient), and Tasks Panel (Practice, Provider & Patient)
      • Provider > Telehealth, and Telehealth & Recordings Panel (Provider)
      • Provider > Validation, Can Validate Panel (Provider & Patient), and Requires Validation Panel (Provider & Patient) 
      • Referrals Panel (Practice, Provider & Patient) 
    • Please note that panel titles have not yet been translated. To edit a panel title go to the panel toolbar and select Edit Title, or, go to Manage Panels from the workspace toolbar and edit the title of Existing Panels. If a panel view has been shared with you, then you are unable to edit the panel title.


  • Audit Logs
    • Appropriate record changes are being generated when provider account settings are modified (e.g. localization language set, password change, etc).
  • Data Import/Export
    • Exported and imported dashboard views with report panels now include the connection to the report template.
  • Documents
    • From all document template selection screens, there is now a Collapse/Expand All button next to the filter box.
    • The help text that indicates why the document template list is blank when creating a new document, now specifies which document template type is required for that area (e.g. Treatment Consent).
  • Insurance
    • The ADA Dental Claim Form has been updated to the 2019 version.
  • Practice Settings
    • When creating Associated Providers for use in Progress Notes, the status now defaults to Active. 
  • Provider Authentication
    • The authentication method “External Identity Providers” has been moved to an ICE only configuration area. Please contact your ICE Health Systems representative if you would like SAML2/Shibboleth External Identity Provider authentication configured.
  • Scheduling
    • The Past Appointments and Cancelled Appointments tables in Patient Management > Scheduling now have the same view icon and click to view appointment summary functionality that exists on the Next Visits table.
    • The Patient Management Scheduling tables now display the most recent appointments at the top.
  • Search
    • Ability to select date of birth as a search option in practice settings for standard search (e.g. top right search, appointments, collaborations, etc).  Both the standard and short date formats are supported when searching. 
    • All statuses (e.g. active, inactive, customized) for Patients, Providers, Individuals and External Providers are now available from standard search (e.g. top right search, appointments, collaborations, etc).
      • Please note: Individual Status Types (from Practice Settings > Practice Information > System Types) that a practice defines are currently only applicable to Patients (regardless of the Association type set). 
  • Telehealth
    • The main video and right side panel can be resized by hovering on the line separator and dragging right or left.  
    • Please note: The recording functionality of Telehealth has removed in this release in order to properly integrate an improved solution in the near future. Users will no longer be able to record a Telehealth session, however they will still have access to playback previously recorded sessions.
  • Treatment Planning
    • There are now tooltip hovers for mouth areas in the Findings Input window when entering Diagnostic or Material Findings.
  • User Experience
    • Many changes were implemented within the system to improve user experience.
  • Validation
    • The button in Provider > Validation has been renamed to “Validate”.


  • Administrative Notes
    • Addressed an issue with the title on a Force Acknowledgement screen.
  • Data Import/Export
    • Export of “Patient Predeterminations” has been updated to improve handling of predeterminations containing step sets.  They cannot be imported/exported but they no longer throw a null error.
    • Fixed an issue related to country codes in the export/import of phone numbers.
  • Reporting
    • A report template that returns no results will now generate a PDF that includes the report title and table headers with no results, rather than a blank page.
    • Exporting to Excel no longer has results covering multiple rows.

QA Testing

The Quality Assurance Team tested the following browser and OS configurations using the testing types listed below:

  • Google Chrome 76.0 (Mac OS Sierra & Windows) and Google Chromium 77.0 (Windows 10)
  • Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Cross Platform Testing, Usability Testing, End to End Testing, User Interface Testing, Regression (Manual and Automated) Testing, Re-Testing and Sanity Testing.

Learn more

Visit the ICE Knowledge Base and the Collaboration Sharing Center to streamline your experience using ICE.  These sites are routinely updated with new or revised articles, videos, and structured content. To see previous release summaries and the latest project highlights, visit the Release Center.

We recently updated the following materials in the ICE Knowledge Base:

Thank you

We are grateful to the members of the Collaboration for Health IT as well as the many private clinicians and staff who have and continue to lead this project with ICE Health Systems. Our goal is to serve the world of healthcare with excellence through a system that is built for the needs of today and tomorrow. This release is the next step in achieving our collective goal.

Thank you.

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