Charting Updates Now Available

On Wednesday, November 28th, ICE successfully completed a mini upgrade to our Charting module.

The upgrade included the following items:

1. Change of Occlusal to Incisal surface on teeth 6-11, 22-27 (previous data on these teeth will still display properly).

2. Tooltip on copy and delete treatment planning.

3. Change of icon from Tx to TxP.

4. Procedure totals added to the consent form in treatment planning.

5. Added Incisal as a surface type in treatment planning.

The items identified were requested by you or your peers. Please do not hesitate to contact your primary contact or Client Care directly ( if you have any questions, concerns, feedback, or issues regarding these items.

We thank all current ICE clients, members of the ICE Professional Community and prospective clients for their feedback. We strongly encourage  continued feedback in order to further both development and refinement of the ICE project.

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