ICE July Upgrade Complete

Another upgrade was successfully completed last night. Thank you to all of our ICE team & clients for their contributions to this upgrade & ensuring it went smoothly.

This upgrade consisted of improvements to our Charting, Scheduling & Reporting modules. A number of enhancements, refinements & fixes were performed – for the complete list, please see below.


  • A ‘Confirmation Screen’ will appear if you attempt to book a Patient at a Location that is not the Patient’s Default Location.
  • The Icons on an Appointment have been updated. You now only see the icons your Security Configuration allows you to.
  • The Create Event screen has undergone some changes. We have been working on an improved “Provider and Resource Search”. Its first implementation is on the Create Event screen. If you have any recommendations for how we can improve Provider/Resource Search further, please let us know. It is our goal to apply this new search throughout the system.
  • Schedule Views are now accessed by clicking the Schedule View title above the calendar in the top right. This allows for easier selection when needed, as you can now search, and allows the right-side accordion to be used for another preference of your choosing. 
  • We have changed the background color of alternating rows on the grid. This should make it easier to follow across the screen.
  • When you are creating a patient within Scheduling, you are now warned if we believe we have found that the patient you may want to create Already Exists. This should help prevent the creation of Duplicate Patients.


  • You are now able to Save settings for Reports other than the Patient Demographic Search.
  • You are now able to Copy and edit Saved Templates.
  • Invoices – Tracking of students at invoice level. This is a practice setting.
  • Reporting Headers and Footers have been standardized.


  • You are now able to print charting notes.
  • When mousing over the procedure code in charting notes, the code description will be displayed.
  • With any new charting notes, once the procedures has been marked as completed, the same procedure that has the status of planned will not be displayed in the notes section.
  • You are now able to select rendering provider for each procedure code entered in the charting note.
  • A practice setting is now available to prevent a new blank line item in the charting notes when “New Date” is selected. To have this feature implemented, please contact your primary contact or Client Care.

We trust that these changes will be positively received. The items identified were requested by you or your peers. For more information on any of the new features listed above, view the ICE Support Page

Please do not hesitate to contact your primary contact or Client Care directly ( if you have any specific questions, concerns, feedback, or issues regarding the upgrade.

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