ICE Feature: Personal Health Record

This month, we are proud to present a feature blog piece on one of our ICE components – the Personal Health Record.

Our goal with providing this Personal Health Record is to significantly improve doctor-patient communication outside the dentist office, manage professional liability for ICE users, and provide anywhere, anytime access for patients to vital health information that they may require.

As an integrated element of ICE’s Practice Management System, the Personal Health Record is a complimentary feature for all of our ICE users.

The Personal Health Record is a portal, accessible to patients anytime, from any computer, anywhere in the world. The portal allows patients to login with their unique username and password and immediately access a number of items in their health record. All the information is encrypted and secure ensuring the utmost protection and privacy. The patient is able to view specific information that the doctor permits.

Within each Personal Health Record, doctors can decide whether or not to share patient-specific information.

Doctors can share (or not share):

  • 3-D animations of upcoming procedures
  • assign forms for review prior to an appointment
  • display patient contracts
  • share patient images and x-rays
  • highlight upcoming procedures with in-depth audio-visual presentations

Furthermore, ICE patients have the ability to log-in to their account to:

  • view upcoming appointments
  • review their medical history including allergies, conditions and medications
  • update their contact information as necessary

The last upgrade performed on the Personal Health Record added financial information to the record, which allows patients to view outstanding balances and invoices.

All information entered or edited in the patient portal is seamlessly updated on the patient record inside of ICE, eliminating the need for dual entry. Lastly, the patient portal can be branded to the dentist’s office with their logo and office colours to add the element of customization to this component.

Another vital component of the Personal Health Record is the ability for doctors and office staff to run a Patient Access Tracking Report. In order to minimize liability and ensure that patients are compliant with doctor requests, the report provides information on what was accessed within the Personal Health Record, when the information was viewed and for how long the patient viewed the information. The reports are updated in real-time so the clinic has the most updated version of the information.

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