Latest ICE System Upgrade Complete

The latest upgrade has successfully been performed on the ICE system. The upgrade consisted of many new features, enhancements and refinements to existing system modules.

One of the most significant improvements implemented was in our Collaborations module. In addition to a visual overhaul and enhancements aimed to increase user efficiency, further integration with other modules of the system has now been introduced.

The ICE Imaging system also received a number of updates in both layout and format. The refinements included are aimed to increase ease of use in regards to labeling, sorting and editing images.

In addition to Collaborations and Imaging, our new Financial system continues to undergo major improvements as refinements and fixes continue to be made. Payment Management, Financial and Insurance Reports, and Integration were some of the areas enhanced due to both client and ICE community feedback.

Scheduling, Patient Appointment Reminders, Reporting and Charting have also been updated with a number of improvements and refinements based on client and advisory comments.

If you have any questions regarding any of the items listed or would like to receive more information on the latest update, please email To schedule a demonstration of ICE, click here.