Animation Update for January

An update for the month of January on the animation front. This month the following animations were posted to the Animations module in ICE:

– How to Put Elastics On Class II
– How to Put Elastics On Class III
– Incisor Eruption for Perio
– Implants Missing Upper Laterals

Both the “How to Put Elastics On” animations are brand new to the system while the Incisor Eruption for Perio and Implants Missing Upper Laterals are reproductions of old versions.

In addition to these new animations inside of ICE, we have posted a number of sample animations on our YouTube channel this past month. The latest animation posted on our YouTube channel demonstrates the process of decalcification. You can watch this and our other sample animations on our YouTube channel.

For more information on how to purchase our animations modules, check out the Animations Module, or contact us at