Medical Support Systems Gets a Makeover

Major upgrades and refinements have been completed on the Medical Support System (MSS) module in ICE.

Along with an updated content library, the layout and format of the module has been completely made over to increase ease of use and navigation for our users. Section titles now appear as a tab menu running along the top of the module and users have the ability to use keyboard navigation within each of the sections. Medical Conditions, Oral Health Care Considerations and Protocols are broken down alphabetically and when selected, redirect to an individual page with all available information related to that particular topic.

In addition to the aesthetic changes, the system has been approved for 3 Continuing Education (CE) credits and is now available online to all MSS users. Furthermore, users are now able to submit a question, comment or suggestion directly to author Dr. Glick via their account.

For more information, pricing or to license this module, visit our Medical Support System page or email us at