February Upgrade Successfully Completed

We are pleased to announce that another ICE upgrade was successfully completed by our team last night.

A number of the items included in last night’s upgrade were a result of client feedback. As always, we welcome all suggestions, comments and feedback from existing and prospective clients in order to ensure we continue to evolve and expand our system in a positive and efficient direction.

In addition to a number of new features, enhancements, refinements and bug fixes; there were 2 key changes that were included in this upgrade: a new module entitled ‘Practice Areas’ was created and a new App for scanning images into Imaging was installed.

A complete list of items can be found below:


  • Local Imaging App designed to improve ICE/TWAIN/XRay Integration reliability. This will be required for Scanner integration.
  • Making the “Rotate” icon in the top-right function “smoother”.
  • Applied printable templates for each template/comparison view.
  • Printable versions now available for all Template and Comparison Views. If you require any adjustments to printable views, please contact Client Care.
  • Current Timepoint Only checkbox, so that it is easier to see which images were new on the timepoint, for the Template View.
  • Render Previews: If you zoom in a great deal, and you find the quality of the image grainy when viewing, we encourage you to check the “Render Preview” box. Cons: Increased Bandwidth Requirements


  • Partial Refunds bug fixed
  • New adjustment type added – “Credit with Posting Error”
  • Clear distinction between Refunds & Payment Reversals
  • New Methods of Payment added: Bank Draft & Direct Deposit
  • Updated layout format in Patient Ledger
  • ZIP Code now included in Patient Ledger
  • New Adjustment Types added for Discounts
  • Removed Required Area & Surface input for Electronic Submissions
  • Payment Reversals now available for Insurance Payments
  • Warning/alert will now appear for Payment Reversals & Refunds
  • Ability to Print Receipt for patients showing Refunds on Down Payments


  • Improved Tab Order for Creating New Patients.
  • Combined all 3 Appointment Reminder Template Views to 1 Screen.
  • Added “Cancelled Appointments” to Appointments tab of Patient Registration
  • Added flexibility to Phone Appointment reminders, so that you can turn on/off Confirm and Cancel independently.


  • “Printable” Output Format added to Patient Demographic Search. Does not require Excel to print.
  • New “Birthday Report”
  • Improved “Appointment Reminders Report”
  • Improved “Cancellation Reasons Report”
  • Improved “ Search By Appointment Status” Report
  • New “Recall and Notes Report”

Practice Areas

  • New Module Edition to the ICE system
  • Live Dashboard – separated into 4 tabs: Recent Activity, Search Invoices, Reports & History

Recent Activity

  • Recent Activity Dashboard (live)
  • Displays all the most Recent Activity on:
  • Invoices (created)
  • Adjustments (on invoices)
  • Invoice Payments
  • Down Payments
  • Users are able to set selected Date Range
  • Summary View – internal configuration (can be set to office preferences)

Search Invoices

  • Ability to Search by:
  • Patient
  • Insurance Provider
  • Family
  • Ability to search within a specified Date Range
  • Display Outstanding Invoices between a specific Dollar Amount and Date Range
  • Ability to filter Invoices by Rendering or Billing Providers, the provider entering the invoice information and the clinic location
  • Ability to display Auto-Created Invoices ONLY by Payments or Adjustments
  • Ability to generate Summary Statements based on selected results
  • Ability to Electronically send Patient Summary Report to patients (sends as a PDF attachment to the email address on file)
  • Double clicking on patients loads that patients financial record in a new window


  • All reports have been moved from Financials to Practice Area
  • New Report added: Patient Summary Report
  • Reports exported into Excel now have number format rather than string format, so now have the ability to run calculations in Excel against the reports
  • Deposit Slip report layout in Excel has been revised
  • Ability to AUTO-RUN any report
  • Office can set parameters as to:
  • when the report runs
  • how often the report runs (frequency)
  • the start date for auto-running of report
  • time at which the report run is executed
  • who manages the report
  • Ability to manage if the report is visible to the entire office (public) or visible to a single provider (private)
  • All reports can be sent electronically to specific providers (sent as an EXCEL attachment to the email provided in Provider Management)


  • View Reports that have been auto-run
  • Displays if the report has been ran successfully or if it has failed
  • Ability to filter search by report name & date range

Patient Admin

  • Now able to distinguish between an HX Questionnaire completed for the first time, vs an update.

Look for new module videos coming soon that will highlight and explain some of the new items and features.

Should you have any questions or require more information regarding any of the items listed above, please contact info@icehealthsystems.com. For all of our latest updates and posts, follow us on Twitter @ICEHealth .