New Features Added to ICE

General Patient Admin

  • Forms, Letters, and Correspondence have now been merged into 1 area, under “Correspondence”. This has been completed to bring similar information into 1 common area. We have created a small tutorial here, explaining this update further here.
  • In the top-right Patient Search, there is now another icon to the right. This icon allows you to see the last 5 patients viewed at the computer.


  • We are excited to be including a significantly enhanced Financial system to this upgrade. Over the coming weeks, we would like to set up demos of the new system as well as determine a schedule for releasing financials to your practice, as appropriate. Please speak with your ICE contact directly to set up an appropriate time for reviewing the new financial system.


  • Removal of Auto-Rotating of Images – There were some instances where images were automatically being rotated and this was not easily recognized. As a result, we have removed this action, and hope to handle this much more effectively in the future.
  • Image Sets are no longer the same for all practices. They are now practice-specific, providing greater flexibility to define the image sets as you would like. Please speak with your ICE contact directly for any customizations to your Image Sets.
  • In the last upgrade, we added the ability to edit an image when viewing an image set. This had the unintended consequence of making it exceptionally easy to move an image when no movement was desired. To resolve, we have added an “Edit” button on the screen that you must explicitly click first.


  • Events have been enhanced and re-introduced. They can now be added directly from the grid, by clicking the space directly above the names of the Providers and Resources on your schedule. Events can show up at the top of the grid, or on the grid itself.
  • The time column now appears on the right side as well.
  • The Schedule should now load much faster when switching between days, once the schedule has loaded the first time.


  • Procedures By Date Range
  • Summary Cancellation Report

Restorative Charting

  • We have refined some logical discrepancies in charting logic. If you find any discrepancies, please contact your primary contact.

Dental Charting

  • Assigned Patient Forms are now available from inside Charting, making it more convenient to see and access the Patient’s forms.
  • A “Show Summary Info” button is now available.


  • Page Breaks can now be explicitly added, using the “A->B” button, under the “Formatting” category
  • In “Preview” mode, there is now a “Print Preview” button. This allows you to make further modifications prior to finalizing the letter.


  • You can now download an individual image from inside the Collaboration.