ATLAS is ICE Health Systems Learning and Content Management System (LCMS). It can be used by a number of different healthcare professions for:

  • employee training
  • continuing education (CE)
  • clear, consistent communication and dissemination of information within groups and organizations
  • course and class information for university communities


ATLAS has a number of key features making it an ideal system for healthcare professionals.

  1. User-friendly Interface – ATLAS offers users a clean, intuitive and easy to navigate interface for both users and account administrators. Complete with menu options, topic pages and a content search, users are able to quickly navigate the system to find information they need. Administrators also have access to account reporting, detailing user history, user activity, exam results, survey results and course progression (if applicable).
  2. Content Customization – ATLAS offers the ability to upload unique content into the system. In addition to custom content, administrators can also customize menu options, topic pages, assessments, exams, surveys and knowledge checks, adding only the most relevant content for their users. Videos, images and presentations can also be included in the ATLAS account.
  3. Control ‘Who sees What’ – Once the ATLAS account is created, administrators can be identified and assigned specific privileges. Administrators can easily create different access groups to control who sees what content within the account.
  4. Customize your Administration – Access groups can have “group-level” administrative privileges, such that if one of the access groups was a team, you could identify the team leader as an administrator for that group; enabling you to run reports specifically on their team. ATLAS allows for an unlimited number of groups to be created within the system, permitting individual users to belong to multiple groups.
  5. Put your mark on it – Users have a smoother experience because your logo and branding appears on the login page and throughout the ATLAS account, providing users with a sense of familiarity.
  6. Individual usernames and passwords – Each user has a unique username and password. Users are able to update their contact information, edit their password and select their own preferences in the ‘My Profile’ menu within ATLAS.


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