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Our latest version of ICE’s dental electronic health record (EHR) software has been completely redesigned. This next generation, cloud based system, has been meticulously redeveloped and redesigned to meet the ever evolving world of dentistry. From our extensive patient record to our high level business intelligence and analysis capabilities, ICE is built to the meet the needs of any dental clinic. To see a complete list of features and benefits, visit ICE features.

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ICE Value Proposition

To advance healthcare and accelerate health research faster. 17 years is the average time span for actually applying research findings to patient care. We need to cut that in half, at least, if not more.” Dr. Lynn Johnson, Associate Dean, University of Michigan School of Dentistry

To accomplish this mission, Internet2 and a group of leading dental schools have partnered with ICE Health Systems to develop a system that will increase research capabilities in turn reducing the research life-cycle.

The ICE Value Proposition was created in order to help you better understand the vision, philosophy, development and features behind ICE.

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