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ICE Health Systems is entirely cloud based, making most devices built within the last four years suitable for excellent performance and success. You do not require high-end server machines or complicated network configurations in order to use ICE Health Systems.

Minimum Recommended Hardware Requirements

  • A Windows or Macintosh computer with a dual core processor, at least 4GB of RAM, and 20GB of available hard drive space. This basically means that any computer built within the last four years and the priced in the range of $500 and up should work well.
  • For imaging intensive practices, Windows-based machines are recommended.
  • A minimum screen resolution of at least 1200 X 768 (which is standard screen resolution).
  • A high speed (broadband) internet connection. Most Cable/DSL connections are suitable.
  • The most critical performance item will likely be your upload speed. We recommend a minimum upload speed of 5mbps. For larger practices, or if you make heavy use of the imaging or correspondence features, moving to 10mbps or more will improve performance noticeably.
  • You can test your upload speed using a simple speed test, like the one found on

ICE Local Service is a component required for functions that originate locally, such as scanning. With your permission, the ICE Local Service is downloaded automatically and updated regularly to serve the required local functions and connect them with the Cloud service. The Local Service only needs is easy, fast and automated. It only needs to be on machines that are performing the local based functions.

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