Patient Education

About Patient Education

ICE’s Patient Education system is a complete solution for your patient education needs.

Patient education begins with the explanation of proposed procedures to the patient. With our vast audio-visual presentation library and HD animations, dentists of all disciplines can take the time to present, review and respond to patient questions regarding upcoming procedures. With the added feature of the Patient Portal in ICE, patients can access assigned presentations and animations in their account outside your office.

ICE’s Patient Education system allows dentists to provide consistent, high quality, and valuable information to each patient, enabling the patient to be appropriately informed on, and prepared for, even the most challenging procedures.

Patient Education Pricing

You can purchase the full patient education module for a 1 time setup fee of $300 and just $80/month. You can purchase the module via PayPal (note, payment is due in full at time of purchase).

Pricing for individual animations used for external purposes (independent of ICE) is based on a scaled structure:

Number of Animations Cost/Animation
1-2 $200 (each)
3-5 $100 (each)
6+ $50 (each)

The fees above reflect an annual licensing fee (per animation).

If you are already using ICE, the patient education system is included in the ICE price.

YouTube Channel

View samples of our patient education animations on our YouTube channel. Subscribe to our channel to stay up to date on the latest animations as they are released.

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