Our Client Care Team has designed and developed a library of written and video training materials that will be used for clinical training.

Training materials are updated regularly meaning you will always have the most recent support and training materials available. You and your team have unlimited, anytime access to support materials right inside ICE.

Each team will receive customized training based on the implementation plan created by your Client Care Professional. This includes access to a training environment so that everyone can practice what they’re learning and explore on their own time.

Online meetings and on-site training at your clinic can be arranged to supplement your online training.

Contact Client Care

Need to get a hold of our Client Care Team?

  • Submit a request using the Feedback feature inside ICE
  • Email Client Care:
  • Give us a call on the Client Care support line: 1-866-721-0487

Our Client Care Team will respond to your inquiry within 2 business days.

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